How to Donate

The UK collection for Museum of Water is now complete.

This makes it a 2-year collection 2013-2015 of water of all kinds, donated at about 40 different sites across the UK and into Europe. We travelled as far and wide as we could, and talked to as many people as possible to build the collection with deliberate and kind care.

It is not an exhaustive collection, and of course there are many, many waters we have missed. But it is an offering of some of the ways we used to use water. Completing the collection allows us to gain some perspective and to explore a timeline between distant and recent past, our present situations and the coming future. Changing our focus from gathering water also allows us to put more energy into exploring the current collection. We have a unique and extraordinary archive of recorded voices from people talking to us in intimate detail about their feeling for water, and we are developing ways to make the archive more accessible.

We will continue to show Museum of Water in many different sites.

We are currently building a collection in The Netherlands, so if you have water you want to bring, please visit us at the many sites we are visiting around Rotterdam.
For all information on Museum of Water dates, please visit our Events page, or you can visit the Dutch Museum of Water Facebook page for further news on our work in The Netherlands.

Donating to Museum of Water is easy.
Choose what water is most precious to you.
Find a bottle to put it in.
Come and tell us why you chose it.
We will keep it for you.

Donate in Person at future presentations of Museum of Water – see the Events page for more information.




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